This website is a comprehensive resource for paediatric and adolescent patients with scoliosis, and their parents. It offers in-depth information about scoliosis including: how to detect it; the causes, symptoms and treatment of scoliosis; x-ray and imaging guidelines; inheritance; and the role of surgery, if necessary, in managing this condition.

Early detection of scoliosis is crucial to ensure timely intervention and prevent further progression. Routine screenings, especially during growth spurts, play a vital role in catching scoliosis in its early stages, which leads to a higher chance of successful treatment. To this end, the website hosts the National Scoliosis Detection Program together with a Scoliosis Detection Fact Sheet which details how to detect the condition.

Included in the website is a state-by-state Australian directory of scoliosis clinics and paediatric spinal specialists who have a particular interest in the management of scoliosis.

Remember, early detection and informed decisions make all the difference in managing scoliosis successfully.

Scoliosis Spotlights
Scoliosis Australia Screening

Parents can check their children 10 years and older (or from the age of 9 years if there is a family history) using the Forward Bend Test.

In the early stages of curve development there are no symptoms to alert patients or their parents.

The simplest and safest way is to have a look at their back, and do the forward bend test.

If you are worried, see your GP or physio and they can have a look too.

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