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Old 25-12-2010, 04:13 PM
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Default Elysia's surgery is over!

Hi one and all,
Xmas day.... Surgery now 3.5 days behind us!

Well, 2nd time around for Elysia and it was horrible! Nothing like her first surgery which was relatively pain free!
Surgeon took down 3 levels of previous fusion, took out hooks at T11, T12 and L1, fused to L3 now with pedicle screws!
Elysia underwent spinal fusion in 2008, 9 vertebrae fused from T5-L1. Developed complication and so reason back for this revision surgery! Yes Dr S, it was revision surgery and extension down to L3. Revision at the T11, 12 and L1 sites! Took out bits of ribs for the fusion and to try derotate her back a little.
I guess why the extra pain this time, it's been no picnic this time like first time around, but as usual, my little champion is taking it all in her stride.

Once again she has had a terrible reaction to the latex Catheter!! I don't know why they didn't say it was a reaction first time around.... but this time dreadful swelling again. NOW they say oh it's latex reaction, said it was just a reaction to the surgery in 2008! Wish someone had of thought latex allergy back then, would have been prepared this time around.

Epidural hasn't worked very well at all this time, it was a magic wand in 2008, this time, don't think they needed to bother as it didn't seem to do much at all!!! She walked today for first time but is still in a lot of pain!
Brave Girl, my heart goes out to her!

Relo's all came to hosptial for Xmas lunch, we had an enormous picnic in her room, 10 x 10 with eight of us, chairs, and food and presents everywhere! Don't think the nurses were all that impressed, oh well, that's life ladies! Hospital is a private hospital and they've shut down most of it, only 12 patients here, empty rooms everywhere, so don't think we were disturbing anyone! Elysia poor thing slept through most of it as she was up all night in pain! I'm sleeping next to her on the bed from hell, small price to pay to be with her! I should be getting paid around here, I could be mistaken for one of the nurses as I'm making beds, helping her to the toilet, bathing her, feeding her, telling them when it's time for meds! LOL!! They hate me!!!!
Nursing must be a horrible job as you don't meet many happy chappies!!! We're very appreciative of their help, well from the nice ones!!!
If anyone out there is a nurse, please explain the grumpyness, even during the day hours!

Anyway, all you mums out there thinking over the decision for surgery on your child or not.... all I can say is...... do it while they are young and can bounce back quickly!!!! I've met too many older women who have had this surgery and it's a much longer recovery period! Elysia will be bouncing around again in a few weeks I can guarantee you!

Hugs to all Scoli mums out there
Patricia (Del)
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Old 26-12-2010, 02:29 PM
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Default Re: Elysia's surgery is over!

Congratulations Elisya and Del. Hopefully, the worst is behind you and this surgery will be the end of it for the rest of her life. I bet it's not long before Elysia forgets she's got rods in her back. Glad you enjoyed a bit of Christmas cheer in her room, it would have lightened the stress a little bit for you.

I don't know what it is with some nurses, they should perhaps be in a different job. We all have bad days, but....

I have a friend who nurses in a nursing home. She loves her ressies, as she calls them (residents) and has a big heart, but the management of the company who owns the nursing home create an unpleasant working environment (various reasons.) So perhaps it's an unhappy working environment that causes nurses to be so grumpy with their patients....Who knows?
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