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Old 12-09-2011, 02:22 PM
Rach's mum Rach's mum is offline
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Post surgery soon and now a second daughter with scoliosis!

Hi all,

We are on the home stretch with 4 weeks to go for Rach's surgery on 12th October (after 2 date changes!). We have taken the plunge and booked in for her autologous blood donation. She can't wait, although she is nervous but looking forward to be hopefully pain free. She has 34 deg neck, 60 deg Thoracic and 60 deg Lumbar with a fair bit of rotation, although this was from an x-ray done back in April and she will not have another until the day before her operation and we expecting that these numbers could well be worse.
We have just had news that our youngest daughter also has scoliosis with a 20 deg Thoracic and 30 deg Lumbar curve. She is also getting referred to our spinal clinic -so we start the process over again!
She is 11 and the same age as Rach was when she was diagnosed. I wonder if anyone has ever heard of 2 children in the same family needing surgery??
x Sonia
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Old 12-09-2011, 03:54 PM
Christine Christine is offline
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Default Re: surgery soon and now a second daughter with scoliosis!

Hi Sonia

My sister and I have both had surgery. She had a Harrington Rod in 1981 and mine was just this June. Mine was kind of manageable without surgery but had worsened over the years.

I think it is not so rare to occur in siblings. We have gone searched back three generations and not one person on either side of our families had it. So we were just the unlucky ones!

Your daughters will find each others experience very helpful and reduce the feeling of isolation and endlessly asking why ME.

All the best for Rach. Time will fly and I hope the outcome is a good one.

Christine x
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Old 12-09-2011, 08:04 PM
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Default Re: surgery soon and now a second daughter with scoliosis!

Hi Sonia,
I also have a sister ( a twin) her scoliosis has been left untreated due to such a small curve . She does suffer back and neck pain though at times.Her 17 yr old daughter also has scoliosis at this stage she's just being monitored. I remember noticing her uneven hips( my niece) I was absolutely gutted. Took me a while but eventually talked to my sister about getting her checked out .I'm now forever looking at my 9 yr olds back always checking. My specialist did say to keep an eye on both my kids . Hopefully it will skip this generation. Fingers crossed. all the best Kathy
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