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Old 19-10-2017, 03:42 PM
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Red face Spinal fusion aged 4; now 32 with pain

Hi! Iím new to this forum, and really just looking for anyone that has had a similar experience to myself, as right now Iím feeling very rare! Hereís my story...

I was diagnosed with scoliosis aged 2. Iím now 32, so this was late 80s. This was also in the UK. I wore plaster casts until age 4 when I had spinal fusion surgery. Now Iíve had many comments about how young this is Ďeven by Australian standardsí someone said (as we are pretty conservative in the UK), but at the time we didnít know any different. I then wore back braces until age 6. I was meant to have a second surgery early teens, but I refused. I barely even noticed my curve, and didnít want time off school (geek to the core!) or to wear a brace to school. I carried on blissfully unaware of how bad my curve is (I canít see what I look like from the back!) until last year....age 31 - I had moved to Australia the year before & was loving the active lifestyle. I took up running & dancing and had a personal trainer. Suddenly I was spending more time infront of the mirror & always being told to straighten up, push your shoulders back etc. Then running lead to injuries & frequent physio appointments where it all got blamed back on my back leading to uneven hips & therefore uneven knees/feet.

Now Iíve been having back, neck, shoulder pain for a few months. My job involves me leaning over looking in peopleís mouths all day, and the pain/limited movement is affecting my work. So Iíve seen the GP and today had my spinal xrays. Next to chose a specialist.

If anyone in Brisbane has any advice re the surgeons available, Iíd love a private message. Iím jumping the gun as no-one has mentioned surgery, but I want to start off seeing the right specialist. A few months ago I wouldnít have considered surgery - I would just give up work & all my hobbies if it meant no surgery. Has anyone had surgery as an adult and regretted it? Iíve seen posts on here about broken rods and all sorts, but no-one has said they were worse off than when they started.

Sorry for the long post! I appreciate your time reading it & would love to hear from anyone!
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