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Old 24-11-2013, 10:38 PM
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Smile Re: how to manage pain from scoliosis


Have a look at what things cause you the most pain, are you doing something during the day that aggravates the pain more than something else. For me I sometimes find that doing simple things like the house work will cause me more pain than say simply walking. A way that I have managed to keep my pain to a minimum is to keep a control on my breath, slow breaths in and out help to keep you more relaxed which help to managed the pain. I have used this technique when I am out and have to try and get myself back to my car if I am in pain, concentrating on your breathing focuses your mind on the process and takes it away from your pain for the short term.

I have had my condition now for the past 33 yrs and I have found that I only notice the extreme pain. The minor pain these day's I hate to say I have become so used to that unless I am thinking about it I dont notice it as much.

I dont know if this information will help you at all but at least you know that you are not alone in your pain.

Another thing when someone says to you that there are people worse off, yes there might be someone who might not be able to do what you can but your pain is real and nothing and no one can change that. I get sick and tired of people telling me that.

Your pain is your pain and no one not even me can imagine what you are going through, even though we have the same condition we all deal with the side effects differently, what I have suggested in regards to the breathing technique might work for me but may not be your thing. You will discover what is the best way to manage your own pain in your own way, if what one of these comments helps you to control your pain congratulations. I am sorry to ramble but I hope some of this might help, good luck and best wishes.
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Old 03-05-2017, 08:15 PM
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Default Re: how to manage pain from scoliosis

Hi Jo Melbourne. Are you still around on this forum? How are you going?
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Old 13-06-2018, 05:19 PM
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Unhappy Re: how to manage pain from scoliosis

Hi I haven't posted for awhile now I know have another issue with spine I might have a pinched nerve in my neck because I'm getting sharp shooting pain down my shoulder blade my shoulder my arm and hand along with numbness I'm also getting really bad pounding headahces that go all over & in my ears too there so painful my doctor said it could be because of my pinched nerve they are constantly coming everyday even when I close my eyes to try & sleep or when I wake up have a nap etc.
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Old 18-06-2018, 09:51 AM
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Default Re: how to manage pain from scoliosis

I got my CT scan results back from my neck scan & I have bulging discs in my neck that are on my nerves from C4 to C5 & C6 I really don't know how I got it my arm hand shoulder & right upper back are so sore & numb sometimes I get tingling too. The doctor said to take lyrica I've got some at home 25mgs I take now & he said to do physio. If all that doesn't work I have to get injections or get surgery. I am so over all this spine stuff I have kyphosis, scoliosis bulging disc in my lower back & herniated discs in my lower back now I have bulging disc in my neck I can't win! Lyrica isn't working at all I've still got numbness pain etc... I don't know what I can do I have had physio before 6 times on my back it didn't do anything for me & I used to go swimming but we have a lot on now I have my 20 month old & I can't even hold him in my right arm anymore I use my left hand to carry my bag etc because I'm left handed.
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Old 24-06-2018, 05:17 PM
KarenM KarenM is offline
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Default Re: how to manage pain from scoliosis

Hi Beebabe,

I'm not sure if you have had any sort of spinal fusion surgery but I have been told that it increases the risk of bulging discs above and below the fusion sites. I got two bulging discs in my neck for no apparent reason last year. They caused tingling and numbness. I lost the reflexes in my left tricep and started dropping things and burning myself without realising. It sucked! I was so glad my kids are old enough not to need picking up and carrying anymore. I feel for you, it must be awful not to be able to carry your little one. And shooting nerve pain is THE WORST!

I was given lyrica which didn't help the symptoms much but did make me plan my own suicide every time I forgot to take it, which was often since it made me really forgetful. Not a great drug for me.

The great news is that 7 months on from my diagnosis, my arm and shoulder symptoms are much better, nerve symptoms almost gone. What helped me was (1) 'nerve glide' exercises from a physio (2) careful use of a rolled towel when lying flat to help reshape the curves in my neck under the guidance of a chiropractor - definitely no chiropractic manipulations though! (3) use of a gentle inflatable traction collar at home, again under the guidance of a chiropractor (4) physio exercises, done religiously (5) changing the height of my screen, desk and chair at work (6) modifying some of my other daily movements, like phone use, driving and tv watching, again with the help of my physio (7) swimming a few laps of backstroke whenever I get a chance.

The cost in money and time of doing all those things is immense. But every time I worry about the cost I ask myself how much I am willing to pay to NOT have nerve symptoms and to avoid more surgery. I would pay anything to feel better. And for me, in my neck and arms, things are much better than they were, so it has been worth it. I hope you find some relief too.
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