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Old 28-06-2014, 07:36 AM
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Default scheuermanns kyphosis + lordosis

all, I know this site is based around scoliosis but I was wondering if you might have some information to help me
I am a 24yo male and have been diagnosed with scheuermanns kyphosis,
I had spinal x-rays last November but have finally got I'n to see my specialist last month which told me I have excessive kyphosis I'n my upper back which has an 82deg curve and excessive lordosis I'n my lower back with a curve of 55 deg, he said the lordosis is there to compensate for the large upper back curve,. He has given me until nov to try reverse the lordosis curve and will have more X-rays to compare and if no great result I will hafto have surgery.
I am I'n quite alot of pain everyday and am on meds for this but the pain is always there and makes everyday life+work very difficult.. I was wondering if I have the surgery, how long will I really be off wrk, is there much pain post op, and how will it effect my day to day activitys, i am a tradesman and am at a stage where i think i might have to find another profession, especially if after an op i cant lift/be very mobile,.any info will be greatly appreciated,. Cheers
Old 01-07-2014, 03:30 PM
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Default Re: scheuermanns kyphosis + lordosis

Thank you for your enquiry. Scheuermann’s kyphosis is a little different to scoliosis in that we do not have set rules as to what curve magnitude (cobb
angle) requires operative treatment. Relative indications for surgical treatment are for progressive worsening of kyphosis, pain, and cosmetic deformity. It sounds like pain is your most pressing problem and I assume that you have done some work with a physio working on passive and active extension. The lumbar lordosis does tend to match the kyphosis above and it would not be very effective to try and work on the lumbar lordosis in isolation to the kyphosis.

With regards to surgical treatment, the time off work could be around six weeks but may be longer given your type of work. It is fairly likely that a fusion operation would extend down to the upper lumbar vertebrae and this can mean some loss of flexibility especially for bending over and lifting. Depending on your trade this could be more of a challenge. As to long term pain, it is not guaranteed to have no pain after surgery, there can be a bit of stress on the joints mmediately below a long fusion. It is going to come down to a few discussions with your surgeon about risks versus benefits of proceeding with a corrective fusion.

All the best.

Dr Scoliosis

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