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Old 17-12-2014, 04:28 PM
missjadee missjadee is offline
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Default I did it

Hello everybody! I am on the other side of surgery now, 8 days post-op, and I have never felt better! The waiting is definitely the worst part of surgery, it just drags on and you just don't know when it is finally going to happen. So, if you are waiting for the op, hang in there because it feels so fabulous afterwards.

As for the operation, everything went very smoothly and I lost very little blood. However, there was an incident where the lining of my lung was punctured and that resulted in me needing a chest drain and a extra night in ICU. That 'incident', so I like to call it, was the worst bit of my recovery as immediately after I had lots of fluid in my lungs and had to cough up a pile of phlegm otherwise I was at risk of getting pneumonia; that was very scary. When I did cough it up, it was all black and ****** *shudders* BUT I felt so much better. I spent two nights in ICU (Tuesday and Wednesday) and then moved to the children's ward on Thursday and stayed there until my discharge today (Wednesday). I am stuck in the city because I cannot fly immediately after the op because of that 'incident.'

As for recovery, I was walking around ICU the day after my op and eating a bit. My pain was very, very well managed but according the nurses and doctors, I was very tough and really did not need many pain meds. I had no PCA pump, just an epidural which worked very well. I had one injection of morphine in my stomach so they could take out my chest drain which apparently is a very very painful drain to have. I only had it because of my 'incident' and so, if you are expecting surgery, don't you go thinking you will need one but just be prepared in the unlikely event of an emergency. My epidural was weaned off slowly and not suddenly stopped and so I never had a problem with my transition onto oral meds. Whenever I was in pain, I just had to get the nurses and they gave me my meds. As for pain meds now, I am just on panadol and endone! Also in regards to vomiting, I think I vomited twice... I know I did in ICU and it wasn't that bad on my back. It was just hard spewing and not being able to sit up and so went all over me; but nurses were fab and got me clean again. After that, I can't really stomach broccoli!

I loved showers and did not care that somebody else was washing me because showers were just so lovely. Hospital food was not bad and the service from the nurses and doctors were great. I wish I could mention names because they really did a fantastic job in making sure I am comfortable. Overall, my doctors said I did very well and that they wished some of the other patients could recover like I did. I have to stay in the city for Wednesday and Thursday and then I can fly out - was able to get first class - back home to my family on Friday. Very thankful my dad came down with me because he did such a wonderful job in making sure I was okay but I think he is sick and tired of the boredom and wants to get home.

This whole experience for me has definitely strengthened me a bit more and was really not as terrible as I thought. The waiting was definitely the worst and I remember being very nervous. I think the worst part for me was when we arrived at the hospital, getting into a gown and waiting in the bed to be wheeled into the operating room. They were definitely the most emotional moments of my life.

It is just hard to believe I have titanium rods and screws in my body now :O Thank you to everybody on this forum for supporting me. It really did ease my emotions.

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Old 17-12-2014, 05:59 PM
Christine Christine is offline
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Default Re: I did it

Hi Jade!

What a great outcome! Wow! You sound like you have been an A1 patient without too many post-op problems at all. So happy to hear that it all went so good.

How is your correction? It is really fun seeing how they can make your body morph into a new one

Take care, and go slow. You might be a bit more aware of how much you have gone through once you are home and the excitement abates, and the nurses are not around!

Well done xxx
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Old 17-12-2014, 07:36 PM
Jan Jan is offline
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Default Re: I did it

Well done Jade!
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Old 18-12-2014, 01:24 PM
tracy tracy is offline
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Default Re: I did it

Hey Jade,
CONGRATS! See...its no picnic...but see how much better you feel already! I would agree with the chest drain! Its damned painful coming out! Emily had one with her 1st surgery in 2010. Its like pulling a garden hose out of your chest! That near made ME vomit! Have you been measured? What correction did they get? We flew to Brissy on Monday for post-op. We are now 4 degrees! Still pinching myself that our surgeon was able to get it to near perfect! We have a full clearance to go back to surf, dive, tumble turn. Life couldn't be better! Enjoy being back in your own bed & take it easy those first few weeks. Enjoy getting out in the fresh air for your walks. You got early x-mas present! A lovely straight spine! Well done Jade xxx
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Old 22-12-2014, 07:27 PM
Heathpal Heathpal is offline
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Default Re: I did it

Well done Jade - I knew you would fly through it! (except for the incident) Take it easy on your recovery and enjoy being back home. Heather
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