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Old 17-12-2014, 04:19 PM
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Default 6 weeks post op today

my 16 year old daughter had her scoliosis surgery 6 weeks ago today.
Just wanted to post as I know I found it helpful reading other people's experiences.
Well 6 weeks ago I can tell you that we were feeling pretty terrified going into surgery, but it is great to be able to say that now at the 6 week mark, all is going really well.
She had T4 to L3 posterior fusion for double major curve (46 lumbar, 37 thoracic).
She is very happy with her symmetrical waistline now - no hip up on one side any more! She is off all pain killers and says she has no back pain. She still feels numb along the scar and in her shoulder blade region but this is slowly reducing. She gets occasional rib pain which is quite sharp but it tends to go away quickly with neurofen or lying on her side.
She is walking every day, still having to wear a brace for the first 8 weeks, we have the surgery review coming up soon so hope she can stop having to wear the brace after that.
It is great to see her progress every day. She is amazing.
Good luck to others contemplating surgery or recovering - what a journey!
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Old 18-12-2014, 02:04 PM
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Default Re: 6 weeks post op today

Hi Jan,
Well done to your daughter! Sounds like everything is going perfectly to plan. It is amazing how they improve everyday. It helps so much when you hear positive outcomes. Now this is something I didn't know...We didn't have post-op at 6-8 weeks because we live so far away, and have been up for so many surgeries over the years. We just sent 8 week x-ray. Then saw our surgeon on Monday. We are 17 weeks post-op now. What I found amazing is in August 1 week post-op we were 10 degrees. Then on Monday we are down to just 4 degrees. Comparing the x-rays next to each other. The difference in shoulder levels is incredible. They are all but perfectly straight now! In the x-ray 16 weeks ago they were crooked. I guess that's the reason for the niggly pains. Everything is still moving and going back to normal for a few months after surgery has been done. It is so fantastic to see them stand straight and not uneven and scew-wiff!!! Such brave tough amazing kids! Good luck with your post-op appointment! Wonderful to hear things are going so well! Cheers Trace
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Old 19-12-2014, 02:52 PM
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Default Re: 6 weeks post op today

Thanks Tracey,
yes my daughter's shoulders were uneven too after the surgery and I was a bit worried, however, over the course of the next 3 weeks they levelled off and are now even. I think that for so long she had been standing a certain way due to the scoliosis and then it takes a while to adjust once the spine is straight.
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