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Old 15-06-2015, 02:48 PM
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Default Scheuermann's Kyphosis - T3 - T11 fusion

Hi guys, I know that the forum is specifically for Scoliosis (Which I also have a mild case of!) But I wanted to see if anyone could possibly give a little bit of insight in relation to how their recoveries went.

I have Scheuermann's Kyphosis - I am 25 years of age. My lordosis curve is 45 degrees and results in an anterior pelvis tilt as a result. This gives me a decent amount of discomfort and is quite frustrating as I do enjoy going to the gym.

My specialist has proposed a Ponte Osteotomy with fusions from T3 - T11 with Osteotomys from T5 - T9 (specifically where the Kyphosis is).

I work in an office and my work has standing desks as well, and I know that they will be quite accommodating. Ironically I work for a Workers Compensation insurer.

To be honest I am terrified, mainly because it's spine surgery, but I am very excited at the same time as I hate the discomfort and the deformity. If anyone could just offer some insight in relation to how long it takes to really get back to work, being that I am in sedentary role.

Thanks in advance
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Old 15-06-2015, 09:16 PM
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Default Re: Scheuermann's Kyphosis - T3 - T11 fusion

Hi Dean,
That might be a question for Dr S... It is really exciting to know you can be fixed! If your happy with your surgeon and your work can accommodate then its win win! A second opinion can always be a good thing to put your mind at rest. Spinal Surgery is scary. Weve had 8 in 4 years! But I picked our daughter up from the gym tonight positively glowing. She is 10 months post-fusion L1-T3. She is now doing 3 swim sessions 1.5 hrs (approx. 3=4kms) 2 circuit classes 1 pillates for core strength and 1 boot camp every week. I near died when I picked her up from bootcamp and she was throwing tyres LOL. Your return to gym will be slow...but all going well you can enjoy it again! 1 year ago she was seeing a sports massage person twice a week to try and manage the pain. Being as fit as possible going into surgery in my opinion is the key. You will know when the time is right and you need to do something.
P.S Our daughter was 59 degrees at 9. So we really had to act fast! Our surgeon booked theatre for growing rods on a Saturday. Emily is now 14. Her curve is now 4 degrees. Really couldn't be happier. We travelled to Brisbane and it cost a fortune, but to see how happy and straight she is...priceless!
Good luck with it all! Let me know how it all goes.
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