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Old 07-04-2015, 10:32 PM
Gilly Gilly is offline
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Default 2 weeks post op

Hi guys,

My son (16) has recently had a successful fusion from T3-L3. He was at 77.5 and we believe he is now down to below 10 degrees!

MissJade has given me some pointers on what to expect in the next few weeks but I would love to hear of any other suggestions/thoughts/ideas.

He is struggling to sit or walk around for any extended periods and apart from showering, going to the bathroom and to the kitchen for food he is basically spending most of the time in bed. He us currently taking the slow release pain killer and the Pregabalin twice a day and may have the odd Tramadol mid day too.

Would be interested to hear any post op 'paths to recovery'

Thank you
Gilly 😊
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Old 09-04-2015, 05:39 PM
DeeElle DeeElle is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

My daughter is 12 and it's 9 days post op. She's walking briskly for around 20 minutes 3 x per day (swinging her arms). She looked straight before surgery (triple curve) and now has an elevated shoulder and twisted torso. Surgeon thinks it's muscles and brain and she needs to retrain. Exercise is the key but we are taking it at her pace.

Food has been the biggest issue for us.

I think everyone recovers differently and I'd go with how your kid is feeling and coping.
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Old 19-04-2015, 05:26 PM
Rodverta Braefusion Rodverta Braefusion is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

Hi Gilly, I just wanted to say that, that is a fantastic correction. Its now 11 days after you posted, how is he doing now?
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Old 20-04-2015, 02:22 PM
Jan Jan is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

Hi Gilly,
I found the first 6 weeks were very slow for us. My daughter was anaemic and hence very tired post operatively and she needed to go on iron supplements to assist her red blood cell production. The tiredness was the biggest issue. Pain was generally well controlled and she gradually weaned off all medications by 3 weeks post op (oxycontin, lyrica), then just took panadol now and then.
She could only do very short little walks and each week or so we would set another goal such as walking down the driveway and back or around the back yard. Gradually this increased as her energy improved.
She is now almost 6 months post op, she had T4 to L3 fusion, and I am so pleased to say that she is just great. She is back to normal school and life and she feels great and looks great, she has not pain apart from infrequent pain in her shoulder blade which doesn't seem to last too long.
Hoping at the 6 month review, surgeon will clear her for light jogging.
Hang in there, the early days are the worst.
Good luck.
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Old 20-04-2015, 11:06 PM
Eliz Eliz is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

Hi Gilly, hope things are getting better for your son now.
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Old 24-04-2015, 10:44 AM
Gilly Gilly is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

Hi there. We are now 4 weeks post op.

We had a bit of a set back with Keegan getting an infection, (it wasn't in his wound site which is looking fantastic). He was re admitted back into hospital with an infection in one of the valves going to his heart so he had lots of tests and ended up spending another 5 days in which was quite frustrating all round.

He is off the medication now, maybe taking a Tramadol every now and then and I have finally got him going for short walks along the coast path, his skin colour is still very grey and ashen and I have also wondered if he was lacking in iron? We are due to see the specialist on the 1st May with a visit to our GP beforehand. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.

I think school is still not on the cards yet and this is worrying Keegan as he is concerned at how much he may be missing out on. This is the least of my concerns just now. I'm just finding it very hard to motivate him as I know that this is the only way he will get better!
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Old 25-04-2015, 01:21 PM
happypostop happypostop is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

Hi Gilly,

I'm 6 years post op, had the surgery when I was 13.

I had to have a blood transfusion for mine, so maybe it is an iron thing and he lost a lot of blood? The best thing you can do really is tend to Keegan as much as possible. I know it was hard for my mother to watch me endure the surgery and recovery, but my family looked after me and it's good he has you. Pretty much be a tower of strength for him because it's likely he really needs it.

I wonder what the doctor would say, especially in regards to being grey - perhaps he will need some nutrition changes specifically with lots of iron for a short time. Not sure though because after my transfusion I improved a lot.

As for school, this will take a while to return to normally... Things like carrying books, etc, are off the table! If possible, lockers, special attention such as being permitted to carry less or get some sort of helper. He cannot possibly go to school and carry all of it! It look me a few months to return to school, I think about 4.
He will miss out on a lot but it's nothing he cannot catch up on honestly, if he's not away for more than 6 months it won't be that terrible. There's always tutoring and self-study. I'm sure his friends will be able to update him.

With the recovery, try get him to a physiologist to strengthen his back or even swimming. It's a long way down the track for exercise but it will help.

Best wishes!
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