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Old 13-04-2017, 11:22 PM
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Default 2 years post op

Miss 14 had her 2 yr post op appointment this week. She had a triple curve (50, 42, 20) and we decided to go straight into surgery before the curves increased. Surgery at 12 years (T5-L1).

She recovered well, is back into sport, no back pain and has a faint scar. She struggles with knees (feels like one will 'pop out' of joint) but surgeon says it's due to her flexible knee joints. Pain improved once she started gym and built up her quads. She rides her horse daily but that wasn't enough focused attention.

12 months post op the major curve was 18 degrees -- rest were minimal.

2 years post op biggest curve is now 14 degrees, lumbar almost straight. She still has a small curve in her neck but surgeon says 'she carries it well', which I guess means you can't see it from her posture. She has one very slightly protruding hip bone, knees even, rib hump gone, and shoulders even.

Our surgeon rocks.

Has anyone had experience with decrease in curvature few years post surgery?? From her X-rays her spine definitely looks straighter than 12 months ago. Surgeon slightly surprised but happy. She's part of a study group that surgeon is presenting overseas next month, so I guess this is a success story. Note my hesitation. I never feel I can relax completely even 2 years later.

Scolly Mum
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