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Old 04-05-2011, 05:49 PM
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Default Re: Surgery

Originally Posted by sueham View Post
Hi Angela & Annette
Good to hear Cate is doing well after her surgery, shame about the pain re the rib though, is that due to the way they did the surgery? We got a letter from the surgeon saying Jake's lumbar curve will warrant anterior fusion most likely from T11 to L2. This is all yet to be confirmed though after the MRI and further x-rays.
Annette, good luck and let us know how check ups go next week.
Jake is coping remarkably well so far, doesn't seem to even think about it, the worst part for him he says is the 6 weeks off school stuck at home with mum & dad! Having said that it's hard to tell with 15 year old boys, they don't exactly talk about their feelings much!
Did you stay with your kids in hospital? Is that expected at their age? Also is the waiting while they're in surgery horrendous?
We are in Adelaide.
Thanks, Sue
Hi Sue,
Sorry I am a bit slow in replying. Glad to hear Jake is coping okay. Where are you up to with appointments?
Your question about the waiting about while they are in surgery. Yes, it is horrendous. Thankfully Dom was out in five hours instead of the anticipated eight. The weirdest thing was we had a buzzer like you get in restaurants to tell you your meal is ready to call us to recovery. I had a flashback weeks ago when we went out for tea and got given one! I stayed with Dominic every night with Royce in a nearby hotel (we live in Newcastle and had surgery in Sydney). We never left him alone until about day eight when we popped out for a meal together as they do tend to need you (and you them) even though we were in a private hospital the level of care except when in ICU was dreadful. We found we needed to be vigilant about meds, rolling, massage etc for Dom's sake as they would go over time and he would be in real discomfort. Hopefully not every hospital is the same! It is good if you have got someone to relieve you during the day so you can have a nap, shower, something to eat etc.
Keep us updated
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Old 18-05-2011, 12:50 PM
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Default Re: Surgery

Thanks Annette, I've only just seen your reply. We had appt with the surgeon this morning, Jake had further x-rays and an MRI a couple of weeks ago, when viewing them the surgeon said he wants a CT scan of one particular area, said it should be fine, just being extra cautious (and we do want that of course!), so we're having that done Friday, then another appt with surgeon next Thursday, but it appears his surgery will be July/August, the sooner the better in our view. We are really happy with our surgeon, he's very calming and has time for all our questions. Jake's been coping amazingly well, but is starting to get a bit nervous now that we're talking dates and stuff, I guess it's a bit more real in his eyes now.
Will keep you posted.
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