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Old 27-07-2011, 10:44 AM
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Default 2 weeks post op

I had my long awaited surgery just over 2 weeks ago and thought Iíd share my recovery so far. My operation lasted 6 hours and I am now fused from T4-L3. I was in ICU for the night, thankfully in a separated room (with a nurse stationed at my door seemingly 24/7). I donít remember much about that first day/night in intensive care I was so groggy and just wanted to sleep but luckily the next day they were happy to move me to my own room up in the ward.
The morphine made me quite nauseous and for a few days I was sick every time I had to even slightly move position. I had no real appetite but refused to eat for a few days after anyway for fear of bringing it back up again Ė did not need that pain! The physios had me sit up on the side of the bed on day 3, walk with a frame day 4 and a few days later without a frame. At each stage I remember thinking it was just the hardest thing and how could I possibly get to the next stage?? They removed my drip and catheter on day 4. Like everyone else it seems the drugs left me quite backed the time the nurses resorted to an enema mum and I just had to laugh.
The week in hospital was harder than I had imagined...I had no real concept of that sort of pain and being so helpless left me very upset and emotional a lot of the time. Luckily I had (mostly) wonderful nurses and lovely friends and family so I had a constant stream of visitors to keep my spirits up. I feel as though as soon as I got home my spirits lifted and I have improved so rapidly. I am sleeping better, can dress myself, shower myself (except wash my hair!), go up and down the stairs easily and once it had stopped raining here in Sydney started walking up and down my street! There are still some really hard days of course where I am in tears just wanting it to be over already but on the whole I am feeling better every day. Iím now just managing my pain with Panadol during the day and I take an Endone at night before I go to bed.
I saw my surgeon on Monday for my 2 week check up and I was really pleased to hear he thinks Iím doing extremely well and better than what he would expect at this point. However I did almost cry when he asked if I could touch my toes only to then say Ďno just kidding!í. He only had to touch my scar or the area around it and it sent me into spasms it was so tingly and ticklish it was horrible! Ė does anyone else have this? He instructed mum to massage some vitamin E cream onto it but so far I havenít let her because itís such a creepy sensation! (When the surgeon was feeling it I had to lie down twice because I was about to faint!)
I feel like I have come so far in only 2 weeks and Iím absolutely in awe of what my surgeon has done and what our bodies are capable of. I get such a kick out of showing my x-rays to everyone!

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Old 10-10-2012, 09:35 AM
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Default Re: 2 weeks post op

Hi Kate,
I was just looking at the forum and saw your post last year after you had the surgery.
I too am facing surgery but am in my 50s . Could you please give me the surgeons name that operated on you in Sydney . ? Also , how has the surgery affected your flexibility etc and what limitations does the surgeon put on you after full recovery.
I am not sure what type of curve you had or degrees of curvature , but what sort of correction did the surgeon achieve ?
I am just starting to organise appointments now so want to be as informed as possible,
Kind regards,
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