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Old 15-03-2017, 08:02 AM
Lucyharry68 Lucyharry68 is offline
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Default 2 weeks to surgery

Hi Everyone
I think I was last in here a few years ago and now it's all happening...I am 36 and I have a 68 degree curve that will hopefully be straightened into the 20's in two weeks time. Fusion will be T5-L2.
I'm currently sitting awaiting the pre-op appointment and so scared that this is actually happening. I have read through the posts and love reading all the experiences and trying to prepare myself as much as possible but also prepare family for what is about to happen. My main concern is actually getting to the theatre on the morning of and waking up in extreme pain and sickness.
Any advise in dealing with this would be greatly appreciated and also ways to deal with the meds causing depression.
I know everyone is different in their recovery time but I have spent 12 months doing core strength and exercise. It's probably the only time in my life I will have a 6 pack!!
Hopefully I can return to work around 8-9 weeks even for a couple of days/hours.
Thanks for all posting your experiences. I would love to hear from others in the same boat too
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Old 05-04-2017, 08:01 PM
Lucyharry68 Lucyharry68 is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks to surgery

Ahhhh..... what a week!

So my surgery in public was cancelled the day before I was supposed to have it

All that planning, arranging the children, work -our lives for at least 3 months was sent into termoil.

I think the hardest part was that I was so ready, emotionally and physically ready, to conquer the surgery and then was right back to square one. I was even second guessing myself if I really need this surgery.

I now have a new date, in private this time as I couldn't face another cancellation, on the 22/4 so only a few weeks to go.

I have a few weird questions if anyone can answer-
1. My head is not centred, only slightly to one side due to my curve. Is this normally corrected with the surgery?
2. When reading others experiences, they mention getting a waist back. Is your new waist more defined on both sides? Currently, my waist is kind of defined on one side and not on the other...
3. The rib hump.. I dislike it the most. Just wondering how much correction you had iwith the derogation and surgery or whether most had ribs removed.
4. Is any exercise allowed in the first 3 months other than walking!

Thanks in advance and reading all your posts is helping me prepare as much as possible.
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Old 08-04-2017, 12:42 PM
Christine Christine is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks to surgery

Hi and that is a bit tough having to reschedule!

Here are my answers. I hope it helps!

1: I didn't notice much change in my head position but my shoulders certainly changed, so think my head was probably more centred. My entire body felt more centrally balanced after my surgery. It takes a few days to get your balance back.

2: My waist is still slightly more defined on one side due to my mild front-rib hump, which doesn't worry me much. But yes, I have a waist that is soooo good compared to the old one! And I was a few centimetres taller after the operation so that gave me a more slender waist.

3: I had 5 ribs re-sectioned a year after my spinal fusion as I still had my hump. I don't have a hump on my back anymore at all and love how it is flat and my shoulder blade doesn't stick out.

4: You will not want to do any exercise. Trust me! Just walk. That is all you need, along with the gentle stretching/movement exercises your physio will give you to do. Don't push yourself as you will do damage rather than help. Walking is such a good healer.
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