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Old 22-10-2013, 10:41 AM
Julia Julia is offline
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Default 23 yo Female seeking any info

Hi All

Just joined this forum, not too sure how to use it all, but it would be great to hear from anyone who is in the same situation as me.

I'm 23, from Brisbane area, found out I had scoliosis at 13. I was told it was too late for me to have a brace as I had stopped growing and that I could choose to have surgery if I wanted.

Being utterly terrified and far from emotionally ready, I declined surgery.

I was told that my curves wouldn't get worse, however i have gone from two thirty-something degree curves to having one 50 degree and one 57. (I have been told however that different doctors measure the curves differently, so this may not be completely accurate)

I am thinking of having children in two or three years, so have decided that after blocking it out and ignoring it for several years, I should look into it, get more info and see some doctors about whether I am actually able to carry a baby. It terrifies me that I may not be able to do so.

I am after any info or insight at all into all methods of help - surgically or not, experiences, opinions regarding these methods and anything to do with pregnancy and severe scoliosis, anything at all that may help.

Thanks so much and best wishes

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Old 23-10-2013, 01:20 AM
ReneeS ReneeS is offline
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Default Re: 23 yo Female seeking any info

Hi Julia,
I understand all of your concerns and when I was 21 I got told I needed surgery but because I was about to travel I declined too. I'm now 33 and last year they found that my curve was then 54% so they suggested again that I have it. I was lucky in the fact that I already had my 2 kids so I had the surgery in April of this year and it's now been 6 months since. Im not sure how you will go having kids after surgery (your doc should be able to give advice as far as that) but all I can say is that after being on this forum, I'm so glad I had it now instead of waiting till I was older because 6 months later I feel great. Other than I haven't tried too much running or jumping yet, I can do everything else, am not on any medication and am not in a lot of pain at all. I don't think I can give you photos through here but if you send me private message with email or mobile, I'd be happy to send you before and after photo of my spine, brace scar ect or if you have any other questions worries please ask.
Good luck,
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Old 23-10-2013, 07:02 PM
Jen Jen is offline
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Default Re: 23 yo Female seeking any info

Hi Julia, are you in pain? I think that would be the clincher for me because you don't need to go through years and years of pain and increasing deformity like many of us older women have before opting for surgery. If not, the need for surgery isn't as dire and many women have children before having surgery, however (and it's a big one) caring for young children through recovery requires a lot of help. No lifting, bending or twisting for a long time is very hard on a Mum of young children. Perhaps ask your surgeon, what advice would he offer you if you were his daughter? I asked mine that question (swap "daughter" for "wife.") Of course, it was a no brainer for me, I needed surgery fairly urgently. If you opt for surgery sooner rather than later, remember many young women with fused spines have gone on to have babies, play sports and live perfectly normal lives free of pain and increasing deformity. I had an excellent surgeon in Brisbane. PM me if you would like his name. Rosie had the same surgeon. He operates on all ages.
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