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Old 18-04-2013, 12:02 AM
ReneeS ReneeS is offline
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Default 2 weeks after op

Hello everybody,
Well it's now been 2 weeks so i thought I should update everybody on my progress..
It certainly has felt like a long and interesting 2 weeks but I also feel I've done heaps better out of hospital, physically I'm learning how its best to move, get up and do certain tasks (everything's done REALLY slowly lol). I am fining ways to adapt so that I'm as independent as can be plus my husband my my beautiful boys are being really helpful.
As for the pain, I still haven't had a full night sleep due to the pain but I spoke to my GP and she's taken me off the OXYCODONE (morphine drug makes u dopey) which I don't feel was helping much and put me on a longer acting TREMODOL which I take twice a day plus the faster acting kind which I can take a few times in between.
I find I can go in the car IF I HAVE TO but then I need to lie down for a while straight afterwards so that the pain dies down a bit.
Emotionally the first few days out if hospital was bad because I didn't have the nurses to bounce questions off or help me with pain management but my family (especially mum) has been awesome. I have found that if people give me sympathy or got for the "Poor u" angle I do get upset so instead I'm going with the positive, hilarious angle.
Everyone gets to write on my brace, it's like a ****** corset so it's great for weight loss plus after 2 kids it really holds my boobs up lol.
Anyway, the count down is on (2.5 months till brace off) so I hope this has been helpful for anyone going through or thinking of having surgery and I'll update again when it's been a month.
Lots a luv to my fellow zipper club members,
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Old 18-04-2013, 11:49 AM
rosie rosie is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks after op

Great to hear you are doing well and like the "zipper club" lol. Feel for you wearing a brace, I was lucky as never had that experience. A positive, the weather is getting cooler so makes the brace a bit more comfy I would imagine. Hope your pain settles quickly. Agree this forum is great, I am sure I would have been an emotional mess without it....Keep simling and Happy recovery
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Old 18-04-2013, 11:59 AM
ReneeS ReneeS is offline
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Default Re: 2 weeks after op

Hiya Rosie,
The brace is not so bad though due to shower chair I'm limited as to how many showers I can have as my shower won't fit chair. Thank god for my mums big shower! The timing is awesome because trying to fit clothes under, over and around is hard so I've just gone and bought some trackies, skivvies and jackets which will do for the 3 months I'm in the brace.
The pain is getting better every day though the half hour walk while clothes shopping tired me out so I'm back in bed for a rest.
X x
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