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Old 12-04-2013, 11:41 PM
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Default Re: 1 week after op

OMG! After all that, the doctors finally sent me home today (12th April) because the 3 cups of liquid Fleet (which tastes like a mixture of off lemonade and bi-carb) worked and my bowels finally woke up. It's amazing how quickly I got kicked out once the docs said I could go, I suppose since they need the beds but THANK YOU!!!
The hilarious (and painful) thing was trying to get in mums car... I'm now 193.5cm and after 5 minutes if trying, I managed to get 1 leg in and turn my head at a 90 degree angle and literally push my head in. The whole hour long ride home was painful yet funny because I had no choose but to sit straight while holding onto the cup holder and cd holder while labour breathing the whole way home. Poor mum was apologizing every time she went over tram tracks, speed bumps or had to put the breaks on all of a sudden, the minute we got to hers, I took my Panamax and lied down for half hour.
Anyway, it's such a relief to be out, even if I'm not at my house yet.
I'm now going to wait a week before posting again but if any of you have any questions you want answered, then feel free to email me. I'm a Melbourne chicky by the way if any u ever want to catch up.
Ciao for now, Renee
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