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Old 16-09-2019, 02:42 PM
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Default Automatic correction of second curve?

Hi team!

Does anyone have experience with having a large thoracalumbar C curve, and a smaller lumbar curve, and just operating on the smaller lumbar curve so that the upper curve automatically corrects?

It is being proposed (by a new neurosurgeon, not the surgeons I had planned to have operate on me) to fuse only one level where the disc has degenerated and the lumbar cobb angle is 30 degrees, using ‘minimally invasive anterior to psoas lumbar fusion (ATP)’ keyhole surgery (?), and they are saying the major curve will then spontaneously correct because I have such good flexibility. They say fusing posterior or anterior open surgery to L3 is a bad idea, because the L4 is so damaged, so it is better to start at the lowest point, fuse only one level, and work up later if needed. As I have been told the opposite, I am worried it will not automatically correct the spine so I’ll need the entire spine fused and have even less mobility.

That probably made no sense but hopefully someone gets it and can help me out!

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Old 27-01-2020, 10:59 PM
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Default Re: Automatic correction of second curve?


This might be way too late, but yes, the second or third curve can automatically straighten. My daughter had a triple curve and both curves resolved 3 years later with a focus on the primary curve. Best wishes to you.
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