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Old 11-01-2011, 10:44 PM
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Default Vertebrae Body Stapling - Read this if you have a young child under 12

Another quick post.....

There is a surgeon that I know of in QLD that is doing a new technique on very young children using Vertebrae Body Stapling and Growing Rods. It is a technique which was developed in the USA and this surgeon is now performing it here in Australia.

It is an alternative to fusing very young Skeleton Immature Children.... meaning there is a strict criteria to meet before this procedure would be of any benefit. It enables the spine to continue to grow, whilst holding the curve, until the child is old enough for spinal fusion.

IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE.... but have just referred one of our lovely forum ladies here... you can own up if you like, I won't give away privacy.... and her young daughter has been saved from having a full fusion at the tender age of 9.

Please send me private message if you would like the name and contact since we are not allowed to mention WONDERFUL Doctors names directly on here.

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Old 20-01-2011, 09:42 PM
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Default Re: Vertebrae Body Stapling - Read this if you have a young child under 12

Our daughter Em had this procedure 3 months ago. 6 hours in Theatre she had 6 staples and 2 growing rods. Doing beautifully shes back swimming 6 kms a week!! We go back up for lengthenings every 6 months so April & October each year. She has amazed us all with her positive nature & medical knowledge!! Have never looked back going inter-state for treatment?? Extremely happy!! She has gone from 59 degrees to 36. The best correction will be the last one when shes all grown!!

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