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Old 28-06-2017, 07:45 AM
Chrissy in CT Chrissy in CT is offline
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Post Walker - how long?

I'm almost five weeks past posterior fusion and rods, and three weeks past anterior fusion (from T-10 all the way down). I am using a walker and wondering how long I'm going to need it...? I am able to walk without it in the house, but then again, I feel pretty weak and am still in a lot of pain. Not sure how much to use the walker -- is it possible I'm relying on it too much, and therefore not gaining strength? Or am I still too new out of surgery...?

Any advice would be much appreciated! How long did you use a walker after your fusion/hardware surgery...? Thanks!
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Old 11-07-2017, 06:00 PM
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Default Re: Walker - how long?

Hi Chrissy!

My surgery was less complex, I only had the anterior approach done so it is hard to compare. But just to give you an idea I only used the walker for a few days while in hospital (until my balance was ok again).

Call your surgeon, if you can't talk to him directly leave a message with his secretary. Also, you could try and call the hospital and ask to speak with the Physio that saw you then? Can you remember their name? Just ask for the Physio department and speak to your Physio directly.

Take care,
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