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Old 30-09-2013, 08:14 PM
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Wink Three months post-op and kableh!

Hey hey everyone,
I'm a few days over three months post-op now and things are okay, I started physio on Friday and it hurt soooo bad afterwards.
A tip to any recovering person is DO NOT RUSH. I've always had trouble sitting still because I love moving so I came home from hospital early and went back to school pretty quickly too. That was a big mistake; I get a lot pain now but I endure it throughout the day-bad idea. If you're ever in pain you should take some painkillers or lie down because I'm stupid enough to push myself to exhaustion.
I didn't realized I'm not meant to sit reclined yet so that's probably some of my pain and I do think I over-do it but oh well...
Apparently whatever curve left after surgery should self correct after three months and the 'hip dip' should be gone so I'm getting nervous about that because I still look quite bendy so if it hasn't straighten out bracing might be in the question, or just leaving it to look ugly, yay for being crooked and scared... gr
Anyway my friend's little sister (13) had the same op just three weeks ago and she's doing a lot better than I was which is fantastic, he surgeon decided to give her a high taylor brace for six weeks and mine had said no the day we were meant to get it. I'm so glad she's going good because I'd imagine it's hard for her family, especially since her older sister (almost 15) is in a boston brace too.
Sometimes it gets hard because I either have to hurt myself to do something or get someone else to do it for me (I feel like such a burden).
I still have trouble sleeping as well but I crave just lying in bed to relax my back.
People often forget about my back and accidentally elbow it or hug to tight or ask me to do something I can't or ask me to go somewhere and do things I can't but wish I could!
My teacher asked me to pick a pin off the ground and I'm like um ahh ooh...
My scar got inflamed recently with a sort of 'heat rash' but it's alright now, it's annoying though because you can either see my scar through my clothes or see it at the top, it's also going to be a hassal in swim season, it's already embarrassing enough do physio and all the older people staring at me!
This wasn't meant to be so long but honestly I could go on forever complaining about this but overall I'm pretty happy that I can walk and be semi-independent and I'm grateful for everything I have and can do and this operation has made me appreciate the small things more

#Peace out my fellow scoliosis buddies
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Old 02-10-2013, 07:06 AM
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Default Re: Three months post-op and kableh!

Hi Pippa

It is vital to take extra care in those first few months. Even for up to six months, you have to watch what you do and listen to your body so you can rest when it tells you to. And if your teachers and classmates are not aware, maybe you need to really make it clear to them what you have had done! I would be doing a show-and-tell with xrays to shock them all into considering your situation a bit more so they understand your levels of pain and discomfort!

When I came out of hospital my body had a distinct lean to the left. My lumbar curve was not fused and my surgeon said it would straighten a bit to compensate for the thoracic fusion. It took about six months before I could see the improvement. Walking a lot, and then after three months I was doing a lot of walking in the swimming pool (no swimming) and also I used a pool noodle to float on while I kicked my legs and it did help quite a bit. I still have a slight lean, but if I use my muscles differently, I can actually be straight. I think some muscles are not working properly as they were holding my crooked spine all my life, so they need to be re-trained.

Recovery is a long process and it does make you much wiser and gives you a great deal of respect for your body.


Take care xxx
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