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Old 01-12-2015, 09:48 PM
Mumofscoliboy Mumofscoliboy is offline
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Default Surgery on Friday, feeling anxious!

Hi again.

Surgery is nearly here! I took my son away this weekend and we came home today. We had a lovely time, but now it's time to face reality and get ready for surgery. The anethetist rang this evening and it made it all very real.

He will be admitted on Thursday night ready for surgery first thing on Friday morning. Did everyone else feel extremely anxious? I feel like I need to clean my whole house and get all the Christmas shopping done and decorations up all before Friday! I think it's the adrenaline!

Hoping to hear from people who have been through this as I feel like no one quite gets the enormity of it all.

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Old 02-12-2015, 12:48 AM
Eliz Eliz is offline
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Default Re: Surgery on Friday, feeling anxious!

Hi Nat,
I have not been on forum for a very long time! You can look up my old posts to find out our story.
My son was also 15 when he had surgery. He is now 18 and just finished year 12 which is a big milestone. He missed first term of year 10 and much of second term as well. Despite this he has done really well in year 12 and likely to go onto uni next year.
The weeks leading up to surgery are terrible and I do feel for you. It really helps that your son wants to do it, I think it would be much harder with a younger child who may not understand totally what is happening.
Post op is hard, no denying that but it really is a step by step process that you just seem to get through.
I think it is important not to try and compare with other people, my son was unable to concentrate at school for a long time after but eventually came back to normal. He is not really sporty but enjoys frisbee, went on a camp for leavers and windsurfed for days. Your son will be able to go back to basketball eventually but best not to rush it!
Send me PM if you have any specific questions. I would love to talk further.
Will be thinking of you on Friday, all the best, Liz.
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Old 06-12-2015, 02:02 PM
happypostop happypostop is offline
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Default Re: Surgery on Friday, feeling anxious!

Hi Nat,

Hope everything went well!

My whole family was quite anxious and tried not to show it too much but everyone got really worried.

Everything will get better and having the surgery done will just be a step towards recovery.

Best wishes with everything!
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Old 17-01-2016, 06:00 PM
Jules Jules is offline
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Default Re: Surgery on Friday, feeling anxious!

Hi there!

How was the surgery??? I hope everything went as expected! Your boy must be feeling so much better now. I'm 3 months post op myself (I'm in my thirties though) and the difference from right after surgery and now is amazing.

Best wishes,

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