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Old 23-07-2013, 09:00 AM
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Default Waiting on surgery

HI all,
at the moment we are waiting on a surgery date. Last August we found out that my daughter has scoliosis at that stage her right thoracic curve measured 50 degrees, also above that is a 27 degree left thoracic and below a 34 degree lumbar.
We had our follow up appointment in April which showed that her right thoracic curve had increased and measured at 67 degree. So we put in the paper work for surgery.
Since then she has become increasingly more tired and finding discomfort in her back. She is also feeling pain at the point of her major curve.
Yesterday she participated in yoga at school, when I picked her up she was hurting and had discomfort. Has anyone got any ideas so that I could discuss options with the school in regards to yoga.
Any other suggestions to help would be greatly appreciated as well.
In the meantime we will wait for our date, funny 1 of the first things I was told about scoliosis is it's a waiting game, so true Cheers
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Old 23-07-2013, 08:50 PM
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Smile Re: Waiting on surgery

Hi Joey,
My son's surgery is in 4 weeks. He has similar size curves to your daughter. He is also experiencing increasing discomfort and pain now, something that he wasn't experiencing when first diagnosed. His school has been great in letting him determine whether he feels up to participating in sport. In terms of managing the pain he finds lying down eases it somewhat, as do panadol or nurofen when needed. Luckily we have private health insurance, so our wait for surgery has been pretty short. Even so, playing the waiting game, no matter how long or short, is very stressful. I hope you get a date soon and your daughter manages to find some relief.
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Old 24-07-2013, 12:40 PM
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Default Re: Waiting on surgery

I have spoken to my daughters year advisor and the activities she does is supposed to be left to what she feels she can handle. I saw him put in on her records but I do beleive that some of the teachers are trying to help with something they have little knowledge about. Must admit until when found out about my daughter I had heard of scoliosis but as to what it was I wasnt really sure & I didnt realise that there are varying degrees etc.
Also I've had a few well meaning people wanting to advise on what can fix her. Goodluck with everything & Ihope these next 4 weeks go quickly for all of you, Cheers
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