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Old 13-08-2012, 09:39 PM
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Default Your oppinion really matters

Dear all,

My name is Alex and I am new to the website. Originally from Russia, I am now settled and working in Brisbane for the past 3 years. I have a S shaped scoliosis with an angle of 68 degrees on the top of my spine. I am now 26 years of age, I have never experience any major pain from my back . Back home the medicine is under developed and the drawbacks overweight the positives of the surgery and I was strongly advised not to do it and I was always of that oppinion. However After reading this forum I decided to explore this topic in few more details. Last month I was travelling through the europe I visited a surgeon in Germany he told me that I should attend to the matter as soon as possible.otherwise I would struggle for the rest of my life. The recommendation was an insert of titanium fusions to my spine ( although I dont know exacly where). I am now in extream doubt whether to proceed and start preparing myself to the surgery or just go on with my life as I was before. The only thing that was worrying me is my appearence leaning to the left side, but now I am afraid of future struggles with pain up to the disablement.
Anyway, long story short, my questions are:
Anyone could recommend me the place to visit in Qld To consult about the need of surgery? (private message if its not allowed otherwise)
Have you heared of the surgery practice by the Germans? (as I heared they are in front the world in the medical technology)
I have never seen a scoliosis spine in AustraliA on other people my age? Am I the only one or how do you guys hide it so well.))
Anyway would live to hear from you your suggestions.

Thank you,
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Old 14-08-2012, 07:48 AM
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Default Re: Your oppinion really matters

Hi Alex and welcome to the forum!

Rosie and Jen are on the forum now and then and they both had their spinal fusion done by a wonderful surgeon in Brisbane. I am sure they will respond to your post as soon as they see it. There are also a couple of people who are in their twenties.

I had mine done last year in Melbourne, and it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life and only wish I could have had it done when I was younger, like you. Our surgeons in Australia are brilliant, from what I hear on this forum.

You mention you never see anyone with scoliosis...I have seen only three other people in my entire life. And my sister, who also has scoliosis. I did my absolute best to cover it up with long hair (hard for men!) and dark, baggy clothes and never spoke about it to anyone! But there are quite a few of us!

It sounds like you will benefit from having a consultation with a specialist. The surgery is tough for the first couple of weeks, but being young will help you recover faster than us oldies!

All the best,
Christine x
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Old 14-08-2012, 07:37 PM
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Default Re: Your oppinion really matters

Hi Alex and welcome to the forum,

Im sorry to hear you are at surgery stage, but glad you are in Australia, with some wonderful surgeons. I will send our surgeons name in Brisbane to you. I havent had surgery myself, but my daughter has. Its a big decision, but your so young, and will bounce back. Lovely and straight, and the scar heals incredibly, and fades, so its hardly noticeable. Once you have an appointment with a specialist, you will be more informed, to make that decision. All the very best Alex, keep us posted

Tracy x
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Old 19-08-2012, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: Your oppinion really matters

Thank you for your input. I will keep you posted on any developments. At the moment trying to get an appointement with the doctor in Brisbane. Thanks
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