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Old 30-09-2011, 06:18 PM
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Default Anyone who's child or self was operated on it Brisbane please read

I know we are not allowed to discuss doctors or hospitals in the forum but I am sure via private message it would be okay.. Reason I am asking is that Emily has a referral to a specialist in South Brisbane but I am from the Sunshine Coast.. I would love some private messages on wha doctor you used, the costs involved and the hospital...Did you use the Childrens Hosp as a public patient or did you go private ???? I think these days we need to really investigate doctors and shop around ( sorry coldnt think of the proper word there ) ... The doctor that I have organised seems rather pricey and also even as a private patient they look at kids on a " need first " basis.... Also they want me to post the xrays from Sunny Coast down to the doctors surgery....
Please send me some PM on your experiences
Regards Tracie
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