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Old 15-02-2010, 04:56 PM
kaitlins mum kaitlins mum is offline
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Default surgical revision

Our daughter had her surgery Feb 08. In the last month i have noticed one shoulder blade really poking out like it was pre surgery. Is it possible that her curve could have worsened despite having the rods? Have called the surgeon today and am going to arrange xrays and a visit to put our minds at rest but if she has reached her full growth and the rods are firm could this actually be possible?
Her hips are still fairly much the same - pre surgery one was straight the other curvy. thanks appreciate your feedback.
Old 17-02-2010, 03:27 PM
Dr Scoliosis Dr Scoliosis is offline
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Default Re: surgical revision

kaitlins mum

It is not possible to answer your question precisely on the information provided but, certainly, you have taken the correct action in arranging for a follow-up visit with the surgeon. The x-rays should provide the answer.

I add that one not infrequent cause of a shoulder blade in someone with scoliosis appearing to be more prominent is when there has been a weight loss. Conversely, if a patient with scoliosis puts on weight, a shoulder blade prominence may appear less. Again, x-rays provide the answers.

We trust this information is helpful.
Old 16-04-2010, 10:24 PM
kaitlins mum kaitlins mum is offline
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Default Re: surgical revision

I am not sure if i can reply here but wanted to say that we had our xrays and follow up and everything was fact Kaitlins curve has gotten better SINCE the post op xrays and subsequent follow up. We dont have to see the surgeon for 3 years now, a great relief. Thank you for your answer it did help me a lot.

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