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Old 13-06-2018, 09:29 PM
chrisd chrisd is offline
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Post Spine exclusion on Income & TPD insurance

When applying for Income & TPD (Total & Permanent Disability) insurance recently I disclosed in my application the following:

> Many years ago having a sports-related minor back injury for which I saw a Chiropractor.

> Results of an x-ray that showed very minor Scoliosis (Cobb angle 11 degrees where 10 degrees is the minimum angulation that defines Scoliosis).

> No related symptoms for 4+ years.

As a result the insurer has slapped a full spine exclusion on my policies. I've argued that this seems unfair and even got a letter from my GP stating that this mild case of Scoliosis is in keeping with a significant proportion of the general population but they are refusing to remove the exclusion.

I'm also feeling a bit trapped by it as if I go to another insurer a standard question asked is whether you've ever had an exclusion placed on insurances in the past.

Any experience/advice for such a situation? I feel like the exclusion is totally unwarranted.

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Old 24-06-2018, 04:45 PM
KarenM KarenM is offline
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Default Re: Spine exclusion on Income & TPD insurance

Hi Chris,

Wow that does seem unfair. I haven't tried income protection insurance but have succeeded in getting overseas travel insurance numerous times, despite having some back issues. I do this by phoning the insurance company first, talking to someone who really wants to sell the insurance and asking them for their advice, including written information on exclusions, pre-existing conditions and definitions of what counts as an 'injury' a 'condition' etc. You might have to do some shopping around.

Good luck.

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