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Old 02-05-2011, 11:05 AM
havik_racing havik_racing is offline
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Default please need some help

Hey guys and girls,

I'm a 22 year old male, Was told i had scoliosis when i was 11 as my mother noticed one of my shoulders higher than the other, I was put on 6 month xrays for observations,

I moved out of home when i was 15 and at that time my last follow up was put at a curvutre of 37 degreese,

I work as a landscape labourer, and at the end of every day i feel so sore in my upper and lower back, i come home feeling like a old man, i usually get my partner to walk along my back and it seems to do the trick,

i was just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions to what may help me, I really cant afford a chiropractor as i have a small family to raise now,please guys i feel like im really struggling, some days i have to take days off work because my back is so sore from the day before , out of a week i generally have to take atleast a day or half a day off to rest my back

i have been abit slack lately And havent been monitoring my scoliosis would it be a good idea to get another xray and see how the curve is going?i really love my job, but if its going to help my back and myself maybe i should look for another profession?

people keep saying to me to get on the dissability pension to help me financially, but i don't want to i love working , and i dont want people to think i am a bludger when really i 'can' work, its just not easy coming home being really sore, it is really a struggle to bend over and pick my daughter up and its really starting to get me down

please someone have any good advice for me ?i have turned a blind eye to my scoliosis over the last few years and i think now i should be monitoring it, especially doing labour intensive work everyday,

cheers and thanks alot , p.s i feel for anyone else in my position, but hey its life and hopefully this wonderfull community can steer me in the right direction
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Old 03-05-2011, 06:18 PM
sueham sueham is offline
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Default Re: please need some help

I'm no expert, but sounds like you should get yourself checked out, maybe start with your GP, you're very young, you need to look after yourself, good luck!
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Old 04-05-2011, 03:16 PM
sirfur61 sirfur61 is offline
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Default Re: please need some help

I am a 50 yo female who just had a 3 stage kyphoscoliosis "rebuild". At your age I was unstoppable - nothing was too heavy for me too lift and off I went fruitpicking for ten years. btw my scoliosis was picked up when I was 19 and I was told it wouldn't be a problem until I was 'old'. 12years ago my top curve was 35 degrees and this year it was 70 degrees - funny a surgeon told me two years ago it would not change and could never be fixed. In a round about way I'm trying to say ease up on the heavy work I have just lost five discs and a rib - the discs shouldn't have been so bad if I had looked after my spine instead of being a hero. you don't need to go on a pension or give up work - just look for less physical work and stay in touch with a G. P. My back wasn't looked at for 11 years and not re-measured for 25 years.
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Old 04-05-2011, 05:12 PM
Dom's mum Dom's mum is offline
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Default Re: please need some help

I think you need and deserve to get yourself checked out and looked after, for your and your little family's sake. Maybe start by making a long appointment with your GP. As far as costs treatment can be done through the public system and the sooner you get in the less time you have to wait. I know too that in NSW we can get some visits to chiropractors or physiotherapists through Medicare (after being assessed by your GP and paperwork) perhaps it is worth asking about this when you go - remember make a long appointment!
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Old 04-05-2011, 11:20 PM
Rodverta Braefusion Rodverta Braefusion is offline
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Default Re: please need some help

I know all about giving up favourite things. I had to give up netball after playing from an early age. If you are in so much pain, try to see your GP and ask him if them if you could be a candidate for spinal injections. I had nerve blocks but the facet joint injections helped me the most. If you do have the injections, dont listen to them when they say you can return to work on the same day. I suggest having it done on a Friday and doing absolutely nothing excpt bed rest for three days. My first injection kept me painfree for nine months. From my personal experience, this works best. Good luck!
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