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Old 02-08-2010, 10:21 PM
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Default Re: Looks like 2nd surgery for my 15 year old!

Hi All,

Well we had our appointment today. Our surgeon is so sweet and always gives us as much time as we need to discuss the issues. I've never felt rushed out the door.
We'll be heading down the surgery path again for sure, we had the bending x-rays done today and now are off for another MRI (OMG - Leash HATES those with a passion, she gets so scared!!!). We'll probs be looking at the end of November after the school certificate and this will give her a good 2 months to recover before year 11 starts end Jan.

I took hubbie along for the appointment today as he was/is so dead against the surgery. I hate it as I feel all responsiblity rests on my shoulders and heaven forbid if anything should go wrong.

I guess a bit of good news is our surgeon has said he MAY be able to derotate her a bit, so has her down for a Thoracoplasty as well as the fusion to L3. She had this first time round with 5 ribs removed - how amazing that they actually grow back!!!!!

He even said she may be ok to play netball again next March - wow - that's scary as it gets quite rough out there on the court! Leash loves her netball and her team is about to play it out for the Grand Finals next week - wish her luck!

So we'll be heading off to the same hospital as last time, staff were beautiful there last time except one nurse who obviously didn't enjoy her chosen career path! Hope they'll let me stay in the hosptial with her again this time, even though she's older, hospitals are still scary to a 15 year old! (make that a 49 year old as well!!!!) Talk about sympathy pains, I'm sure they make us parents suffer on those fold out cots so we know what the kids are going through!!! LOL!

There's humour in my tone - but really it's my coping method - if I let go of it, I'll go mad!

To top the day off, Leash has come back home and suddenly been struck with a tummy bug... not sure if it's a bug or stress of the whole day.
If anyone prays, please keep her in her prayers that this will be the final surgery and a good outcome for her.

Cyber hugs
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Old 31-08-2010, 04:29 PM
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Default Re: Looks like 2nd surgery for my 15 year old!

Hi Trish, Im new to this and read your posts with interest (and that of all the other amazing people on this forum). I have a daughter almost 13year old who has a 65 degree thoracic curve and 50 something degree lumber curve. She is quite rotated as well, is pre menarchial and has a risser of 0. We have been advised that she requires surgery by the end of the year. Our docter is hoping to fuse the thoracic section only. After reading your posts and that of the Doctor, I feel better equiped with questions to ask. I thank you all for the honest information sharing on this site. I genuinely wish the very best for your very brave daughter and for yourself. regardsTina
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Old 31-08-2010, 08:31 PM
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Default Re: Looks like 2nd surgery for my 15 year old!

Thanks Tina!

You sound like your kind of where we were at the same age with Leash, but your daughters curves are quite a bit more than Leash's. She also had the rotation through her thoracic.

Whilst it can be hard for the kids to talk about their health issues, unfortunately it is one of those things that can't be kept discretly hidden.
I found it best that the more people knew of Leash's problems the better as she needed the support and understanding of her teachers and hopefully the other students. Didn't want it to be a "pity party" but.... wanted them to understand and maybe show a little bit of compassion.
If you want to post on the forum - and don't want to risk your daughter reading about her personal health issues aired in public, best not to disclose her real name.

Unfortunately, forums like this seem to be the only place that parents (and kids if they want) can ask questions and gather support. I found that as soon as you mentioned SPINAL SURGERY to anyone out there in the big wide world, everyone suddenly became an expert! Well meaning friends and family suddenly look at you quite strangely when you mention that your child has scoliosis and your contemplating surgery.

I feel this is because lots of people in the general population have scoliosis in some form. They don't realise that there can be varying degrees of the disease. How many times have I heard "Oh, my sister/brother/friend has scoliosis!" Yes... but how severe is it and is it progressing???

On the other end of the spectrum is the surgeons.... no big deal... we'll just go in and ........... Had to laugh, our surgeon told us recently for Leash's 2nd surgery it was going to be a relatively simple surgery!!!!
See there's the key word..... relatively!!! Everything in life is relative.
LOL - oh well, better than to hear, this is going to be a long drawn out complicated procedure.

Cheers to all
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