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Old 30-07-2012, 01:24 PM
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Default tightness

Hi Dr S
I had surgery Feb 12, t6 to scarum. All went well. As the months roll on (6 months next week), I am finding the upper regions of my back between shoulder blades and across my back tends to get this tight feeling like spasms. This tightness gets tighter and tighter as the day goes on and then extends right around me feeling like some one is crushing my rib cage or tied bands around me. It is driving me crazy. I think stress increases it but not sure now as it is so frequent. Have you any answers or ways of gettring rid of this. I have tried to relax (not good at that), heat packs, keeping warm, stretching and I am up to screaming....................
Hope there is an answer
Old 10-08-2012, 09:30 AM
Dr Scoliosis Dr Scoliosis is offline
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Default Re: tightness

Thank you for your enquiry and I am sorry to hear that all is not well with you.

Clearly you need to be reviewed by your surgeon and you should contact his office and leave a clear message with his secretary requesting an early appointment.

Dr Scoliosis

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