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I sent you a message in February but didn't have much info so I couldn't ask very specific questions. Since then my daughter has seen a specialist and we have had some questions answered but not all as he is very very busy as is the orthotist. Sophie has a 63 degree curve - double curve. She has no pain whatsoever the moment and has not ever had. The specialist has said that she is in good shape for someone with a curve this big because she has such good core body strength due to years of competitive swimming. Her curve, however has become worse/more visible recently. She is nearly 15 years old with menarche in July last year. He has recommended bracing before surgery as the waiting list is long. Is it likely that she will have a Boston brace as the major curve is a thoracic one? The curve is already impacting on her respiration during exertion so will the brace compromise this further and is this an issue when she is sleeping ? Will the brace cause her pain ?(apart from rubbing initially?) If she wasn't braced would the curve keep progressing rapidly (the specialist has said she has some growing left to do)? Is she likely to have to wear the brace 23 hours a day? Also, if she did not have surgery would the curve just keep getting worse once she had stopped growing? I think it is hard to envisage the benefits of going through with the treatments when she is pain free at the moment. I am sure it must be easier to make decisions when your child is already suffering because at least you then feel that you are doing something to alleviate pain rather than causing it. Thank you for providing this service - it is very much appreciated.

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