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Old 11-07-2016, 06:59 PM
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Default Any Advice PLEASE....

My daughter had first surgery T10 hemivertabrectomy at 4yrs old 38 degree curve. Failed hardware removal 10 mths later. Her curve reduced to 17 degrees. She is now 8 and had a 33 degree curve. She has Kyphosis and Lordosis. Scheduled for surgery in the next 2 mths. At hospital on Friday she was placed in extended stretch positions then we where informed she had reduced her curve by 9 degrees. I am really concerned as her body has not changed visually. Her chest is changing shape (right hand side is protuding now). Never had she been xrayed in this position before. Asked Surgeons about bracing and was told the Surgeon didn't believe in them... We are really confused and worried. Any advice would be great...
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