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Old 06-11-2012, 08:27 AM
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Default Waiting for surgery

I've been reading this forum since our daughter's diagnosis in June. I can identify with so many of the stories being told, as it is now happening to us. Thank you one and all for your honesty and candour - I don't feel so alone on this crazy journey. A June visit to the physio for mild back pain was the first we knew of her scoliosis. We immediately made an appointment with a specialist - she is a horse rider and, since it was impacting on her riding, if there was something to be done we needed to act sooner rather than later. I was truly surprised when the specialist told us she had three curves of 33', 47' and 23', and had 22' rotation as well. I drove home in a state of shock after surgery was one of the options discussed. (Note to self: crying while on freeway not a good idea...) At a review three months later both of the larger curves had worsened by 1-2', and her shoulders and scapulae were noticeably uneven. This confirmed surgery as the option of choice and she is due to have it done on December 13th. We have begun the pre-op testing regime and visited the hospital. We are both quite blase about it now, but I can feel the anxiety levels slowly but steadily rising as the date draws near. Second guessing our decision is the worst - are we doing the right thing? Should we be looking harder for more conservative options? etc etc. We will keep you posted, but for now I will hang onto the knowledge that others have gone through this process, survived it (mentally as well physically - sorry, probably poor choice of words) and believe it to be worthwhile. Thanks for the support. Fiona
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Old 06-11-2012, 09:06 AM
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Smile Re: Waiting for surgery

Hi Fiona,
You're are not alone This support forum has truly been the best source of information and support for me as our family has gone down the scoliosis surgery path. (My one word of advice...look for answers here before you Google! Google can be wonderful at times, but can also be very misleading and scary...definitely not worth it!).
I was desperate to find another option besides surgery...we tried chiro, physio and strengthening exercises for many months but our surgeon kindly (but bluntly) told us that surgery was the only answer.
My daughter had surgery on October 16th and is doing amazingly well. She was also a horse rider and will definitely be missing that aspect of her life for a while, but our surgeon told us that 12 months after the surgery she can "jump out of a plane if she wants to" (yes, in his words!).
There is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Yes, there are many tears, sleepless nights and questioning "Are we doing the right thing?", but your daughter will come through it just fine. Kids are so tough!!
You are in my thoughts and I'm sending you and your family lots of strength and positivity
Warm wishes,
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Old 07-11-2012, 11:39 AM
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Default Re: Waiting for surgery

Thanks Helen, I appreciate that. I largely resisted the temptation to "google" everything, knowing that there are some crazies out there pushing their own barrows (full of some weird stuff) and glad I did. Interestingly, many people came out of the woodwork after the diagnosis, saying that they had scoliosis, with some even having had surgery, albeit some years ago. Like this forum, I've found talking to these people very reassuring. A friend of ours who had surgery as a teenager has told us that there's nothing she can't do, except ironing. Lily thought that was a good reason to take it off her list of chores now, before she becomes proficient at it.

After 6-12 months off the horse (what we've been told as a guide) Lily may well be ready to jump out of a plane in frustration - glad to hear it's an option!

All the best,
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