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Old 06-07-2011, 04:49 AM
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Default Re: Is anyone else as lonely as me?

hi Ellieka,im new here to.i came here cos like u iv found scoliosis an all to lonely thing.having to rely on doctors who seem to have different opinions on wats going on.yes im a bit sad to cos i just had an xray yesterday for my back (the lower lumba).my curve is at the top???? go figger!iv realized my doctor has not even looked at my history!the radiologist apologised over and over stating she could only take a pix of the lower lumba because thats wat had been ordered.i dont hav a lump or a hump but even my mates say oh go get it fixed.some people jus dont get it and at times i feel its piontless.but i think the real guy that loves u just aint guna see ur lump dear,he's just guna see u and its that u he'l be in love with.
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Old 06-01-2013, 04:11 PM
angelic_one76 angelic_one76 is offline
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Default Re: Is anyone else as lonely as me?

Hi Ellieka,
When I read your post, it reminded me so much of myself.
I too had a thoracic scoliosis 46 degrees with a ‘fabulous’ rib hump. I used to hate it. I grew my hair really long and wore a leather backpack everywhere I went. I didn’t tell my boyfriend because I thought he would dump me. I would cry ‘why me’. I ended up having surgery and it hasn’t brought me the happiness I thought it would.
Don’t rush your decision and don’t base it on what others think of you. You are beautiful just the way you are and a true friend would not judge.
I am so sorry you feel so lonely. Please don’t, we are all friends here. Whenever you want to talk one of “US” Scoliosis Angels we will be here for you…Oh, did you not know, that is why we have a “rib hump’, it’s where we stall our angel wings!
Take Care
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Old 29-01-2013, 03:06 PM
elizar elizar is offline
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Default Re: Is anyone else as lonely as me?

Hi Ellieka,

What a coincidence, I am also 27.
I have had my scoliosis since I was teenager but never consult to a GP at that time because I have no pain and also my family have no money.
When I was 25 I realized that My curve getting worse (90 degrees) and I start having pain when I carry/lift heavy thing or when I sit too much. I am doing my Phd now which means I sit all day. I have to put cushion behind me everyday and after the whole day all I want to do is lying flat on my bed. It is always painful at the end of the day. However, lucky me I don't need painkiller yet.

I am now seeing my specialist, he is great and nice. In my case, I am still saving money for the surgery which I can't tell when will the money be enough. Maybe in the next 3 years.

Sometimes, I cry after seeing my specialist imagining the cost of the surgery and the fact that it will be very hard for me to have that much.
My life has also been up and down, One day I am so sad but another day I could just be so positive that one day I can have the surgery.

In term of fashion, I never choose tight t-shirt or dress. I always choose the one which has more room but doesn't look too big on me for the purpose hiding my hunch. I also always try to stand straight. So far it seems quite successful. People can't really notice unless they really observe me carefully.

Sometimes, I also have that thought about "will someone be willing to marry me one day with my condition?"
Most of the time I got upset when I have that thought but again I tried to rethink again and said to myself "there should be someone out there who will genuinely love me regardless my condition" and I said "if he refuse me because of my condition than he is just not good enough for me". Many times these thought were successful in changing my mood better.

I would say It is so normal to be down sometimes, but don't be ruled by the feeling.

Be positive, keep seeing the specialist, do all the best as you can and keep posting in this forum

Regards from Adelaide
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Old 12-02-2013, 07:28 AM
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Default Re: Is anyone else as lonely as me?

Hi Eliza,
Why do you need safe money for operation ? Is it not for free in a public hospital?
How much does it cost?
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