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Old 06-12-2015, 02:09 PM
happypostop happypostop is offline
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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi Chloe,

Although my scar sits straight down the middle really I thought I'd give my input.

I connected with a girl in the UK that had surgery (before I had mine) and her scar went around to her hip and kind of 'through' the rib area because they had to work around there.

In my opinion, having a scar is pretty bad*** but most people see it as a burden. Most creams and oils will help clear it up if you desire but time will also fade it. You could look up natural remedies for scars and there should be ointments and things available.

Hope all goes well with your surgery, if you have any Qs feel free to PM.

I'm 6 years post OP and everything is good. I'm even riding a motorbike it might be tough just as you come out and say for a few months but things really do get easier and all you need is the few months to feel fine. Just take it easy the pain for me is gone too! Only time I get pain is around time of the month or if I do exercise with improper form (oops) but in the end it feels normal the way my back is now. When you first come out it'll feel strange but you adjust.

Best wishes!
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Old 30-01-2016, 05:36 PM
Marsha Marsha is offline
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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi Chloe,
I just saw your post and thought I'd reply. I don't check in very often these days but used to read and post a fair bit whilst I was getting my head around surgery
I had my T12-L3 anterior fusion over 2 years ago at the age of 35. My scar is long and visible, but I like it as it reminds me of being a survivor. My surgeon was amazing, surgery done in Sydney. It took me about 4 months to almost recover, and about 9 months to recover fully. I was able to run in a 9km fun run at around 10 months post-op.
Please feel free to send me a msg if you have any questions but do agree with Jules, if you have made a decision to go ahead with surgery, do not put it off. The wait is the worst and the hardest part of the whole ordeal. Recovery was much easier for me psychologically.
Good luck and hope it all goes well.
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Old 07-02-2016, 01:52 PM
Jules Jules is offline
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Default Re: Surgery decision

It's interesting isn't it Marsha? I also found that psychologically speaking the recovery period was much easier (for lack of a better word) than the waiting period prior to the surgery. Of course, so far I haven't had any complications, it would be a completely different story if I had. The first few weeks after the surgery are hard though. Physically and mentally. I had a few episodes of just bawling my eyes out for being "useless" or "not being able to lie down with my son (in his bed) to help him go to sleep", that sort of thing. But after those 2-3 weeks back home you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you see progress, you know you are slowly getting better. Then things get much easier. The waiting was the worst.
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Old 02-02-2017, 09:42 AM
Bet Bet is offline
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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi All, thank you for allowing me to join the group..I'm 58 year old woman who has kyphosis scoliosis and will be having surgery as soon as they can get a placement it's called back to back and I'm very afraid I really have no choice I have tried so many things..nerve release...spinal injections ..injection of burning nerves spinal fusion of the L5/S1which failed in 2015.. I have seen three orthopaedic surgeons only one accepted after consulting with the other...I have a 75'degree tilt to the right and 55'degree left hip upwards...two step surgery due to first one failing and I lost all the fluid of the brain and three transfusions and a pulmonary embolism on the heart and lung ending up with pneumonia...therefore this back to back procedure depends on how much damage has occurred cause i can no longer pee and poo first surgery will be to fix the trunk L5/s1 see the damage as the disc has moved and the screws are loose they will fuse all the lower lumbar and the following week break my spine and totally try and straighten as much as possible and complete a full fusion HOPEFULLY I have a lot of black dots the doctors say and I may not make it either way if I don't my spine will snap and sever my spinal cord..I have tried face book no one really wants to share ..I even posted myself on Instagram no has come forward...I feel very alone...looking for some friends that can share..
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Old 26-10-2018, 02:42 AM
brittanyjane brittanyjane is offline
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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hello Is anyone still around from this thread? I was hoping to hear some experiences of anterior vs posterior fusion in adulthood, and who your surgeon was in Melbourne (I am in Perth but travelling for the surgery) - please PM me if you're happy to share. I thought my surgery was going to be posterior but a second surgeon suggested anterior, which I don't want to be honest. Any advice would be great!
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Old 27-10-2018, 06:53 AM
Christine Christine is offline
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Default Re: Surgery decision


I will send you a PM. I live in Hobart but had my surgeries in Melbourne
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