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Old 23-12-2012, 11:02 AM
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Default I've started Schroth

I have just completed a weeks training in the Schroth Method. I have also found out that I have a 3 curve TL spine. I was always told I have a two curve scoli. There is also a disk that is slightly out of line (slipping).

AFter this first week my pelvis which was way out has now moved into the correct position, just 4 mm out and it was holding the entire week regardless of all the long walks up and down cliffs and swimming. The derotations has improved and it also held. My 60 degree T curve looks slightly better, but still haven't done new x rays and won't have any untill another 6 months or a year of doing my exercises daily.
I was surprised at the little movements it took to do the corrections, but it is actually hard work and I find myself starting perspiring after the first set of corrections. I love doing it though.

Every persons spine is different and I have no idea if these exercises wil slow down or stop the curve progression, but it feels fantastic to be able to do something about it that is improving some of the 'numbers' and my posture. I just thank God that I have never experienced pain (execpt for the odd twing or pang) and that I can do anything a person with a normal spine can do.

I will of course update you all on the results when I have my next x rays.
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