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hey Jelly... i wore a boston brace from when i was 14 - 16. For me it was really all about how I could keep playing sport, especially hockey and tennis. I did a lot of swimming as it counted as time in the brace, as it turns out, swimming has become something i love, and have even started ocean swimming races!! For me, the doctors never really expected my brace to fully work, but i wore it as tight as i could and it saved me from an operation. I'm not going to pretend it was always comfortable (especially in summer) but for me, it was totally worth it.

A couple of things might help:
- wear singlets under the brace - it will stop the rubbing
- if you are at school, speak to your teachers about using a private bathroom in summer so that you can have a shower and freshen up
- lots of little snacks while you get used to it.... this girl has got to eat and i ended up changing my meal sizes for more grazing throughout the day

but we are all here to help and share stories, so please keep posting. let me know about your circumstances and i can add to the tips!!

so good to see you on the site Jelly
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