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Default Re: Scott's Vertebral Body Tethering Thread (Fusion Alternative)

After The Surgery:
Because a picture is worth a thousand words these five images (seen here) may tell the story best.

Day 1) Scott spent most of the day laying down and resting. He was tired and sore. He ate barely anything. He got up twice and sat in a chair. This is a video of Scott being rolled out of bed for the second time.

Day 2) This was the high point for Scott’s surgery pain. He didn’t want to eat very much. He managed to walk around the hospital but wasn’t in a good mood.

Day 3) His pain had subsided from the day before. He threw up once in the morning. The uncomfortable chest tube was removed around lunchtime and within a couple of hours he started to feel much better. This is a video of him walking through the hospital and down the stairs. His appetite began to return.

Day 4) The worst of the pain was gone and he was much happier. He was discharged from the hospital.

Day 5 through Day 13) Scott stayed in San Diego, California until his 2 week checkup with the surgeon. Each day he felt better and his pain level dropped to a 0.5 on a 0 – 10 scale. This is a video of Scott walking outside his hotel room 9 days after surgery. On day 13 the bandages were removed which revealed a sticky mess and 4 incisions on Scott’s right side. You can see a picture of that here. The blotchy, red skin was due to the bandages being taken off. It went back to normal in about 15 minutes. After he took a shower most of the goop was gone.

Day 14) Back to school! This is a picture of Scott yesterday morning with his brother before classes.
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