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Default Re: not as bad as I thought

Hi. Your daughter sounds very similar to my son. He got his brace at 11 and did struggle with it at times, but ended up accepting it, and in fact as his curve progressed he became more comfortable in it than out. His brace went on at 25 degrees and although he wore it 19-20 hours faithfully it progressed, particularly during his rapid growth at 14/15 years, and he has just had surgery at 16 years, 2 weeks ago. I am sure his curve would have progressed more and faster is he was not so consistent with the brace. His curve was also thoracolumbar and at the moment he is a bit sore but progressing slowly and is certainly straighter. He coped far better than I thought. He now has a brace again for 3-6 months but is coping well and I was so happy it was an off the shelf brace and did not need to be custom made to accommodate a curve, although he still has a slight curve. What a ride but they do cope. When he was young and not wanting to wear the brace we decided to pay him extra pocket money for wearing the brace and this made a difference but I'm sure would be a controversial move that some parents would criticise. I wish your daughter all the best.
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