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Default not as bad as I thought

Hello. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with IAS about 8 weeks ago - She has thoracolumbar scolisis with worse curve being 40 degress. We were devastated and I obsessively spent about 3 weeks reading and re-reading every article or forum post on the internet. Prior to brace appt I had myself in such a state about how she would cope, sleep, eat, go to school, what she would wear etc. I still worry about her constantly - what will the future hold? But while I don't want to in any way diminish the difficult experiences that many people have posted about (my heart breaks for kids that struggle with their braces) and I also don't want to sound overly optimistic I did feel it important to share a different experience. My daughter has been wearing a boston brace (or a TLSO similar to a boston) for approx 4 weeks. Except for once during the first week, she has managed it really well - physically and emotionally. She has slept well (we got a memory foam mattress). Her friends have been amazing and she is wearing it about 20 hours a day and has not had any skin issues. Don't get me wrong. We talk about how much it 'sucks' all the time but I just wanted to tell prospective brace wearers that it is possible that it will be not as terrible as you expect. I know its easy for me to say coz I am not wearing it, but I ran this post past her and she agreed. I have no doubt we have bumpy times ahead - and in my heart I think its prob likely we will have to go through surgery but I hope that I can offer a little encouragement that life with brace can be bearable!!!
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