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When I had just turned 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Through X-Rays and scans, my spine displayed a curvature of 40 degrees. My specialist gave me two options for treatment; surgery, or bracing. My mother strongly suggested bracing, as she went through the surgery for her back and did not want me to endure such a procedure. So, I was fitted with a Boston Brace.
For the time I had to wear it, I hated it! It was so annoying, as I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted, it made me hot and sweaty and I always felt sick, especially after eating. 18 months of sheer discomfort and I gave up wearing it in the end. I was pretty bratty about it, but in my opinion, back braces aren't the most comfortable or flattering things a teenage girl could wear! Now being 16, I look back on it and despite the irritations and discomforts, my spine straightened to a more suitable curvature, of just 25 degrees and my back was left scar free.
Some tips on making the experience less daunting is that you could have your Mum, Sister, Aunt or friend take you out shopping for suitable clothes. Just because you're in a brace, doesn't mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Loose clothing, nice tracksuits, cool leggings, colourful singlets, wire-free bras and retro jumpers are comfortable and stylish solutions, in disguising your brace. So, if you ever have to endure wearing a back brace, don't get yourself too down about it. You'll only have to wear it for around 18-24 months and once you've stopped growing, you can live your entire life free from the brace!
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