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I remember my experience in the Boston brace. I still have it with me, but I don't need to wear it anymore. I keep it because it helped me so much.

I remember when I found out I had scoliosis. My back was at 50 degrees and my doctor told me the two options - surgery or the brace - I had a feeling I should go with the brace. When I got the Sydney, the doctor there told me I should have the surgery.

After a lot of indecisiveness, worry and waiting, I chose the brace. It was hard to adjust to at first; I started off with wearing it for only one hour and gradually built up to twenty hours. Soon it felt like it was even there anymore.

Of course, school was always an issue. At school I'm painfully shy and I don't really talk to anyone unless they're my friends, but when I was 15-16, I was anti-social in general, so you can imagine how I was feeling when I realised I was going to have to go to school wearing this thing! In PE, the first time everyone saw it, they thought it was part of my religion that I had to wear it! Obviously it wasn't, so unless they asked, I ignored them. Soon everyone got use to seeing it, and were shocked when I didn't have to wear it anymore *laughs*

So a year and half went by and then I didn't have to wear the brace anymore. When I stopped where it, I found that I actually missed it! Anyway, so I went to my doctor and got y final x-ray without the brace on. All of the doctor that I went to told me that the brace wouldn't change my degree or anything. I wasn't expecting there to be any changes...but they WAS!

I went from being 50 degrees to 40! I sat in the chair going I visited the osteo a couple of times, but I didn't do anything else! I just wore the brace, and I reduced my degrees down by ten. Now I want to everyone that the brace does work, it can correct your spine, even if it's a little, it can!

Like everyone else in this thread, I recommend not eating too much, it'll feel a bit painful and cramped. Also, after having a shower, make sure you dry yourself off thoroughly, because there were times when I didn't, and the water in the brace was really yukky Also, light, cotton singlets are good to wear underneath, trust me on this one Make sure that your brace is tucked into your shorts properly, I had a few experiences when it didn't, and it looked like I had two spikes stiking out from under my top *laughs*

I wish you the best of luck!

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