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Default Re: Disabled daughter needs surgery......

Hi Shannon,
Welcome!! Our daughter had growing rods put in in October last year, she also has siezures, but they are well controlled by 400 mgs of Ospolot daily. (Allergic to Epillem) Em also had six staples put between her vertibraes for extra strenght! It was a 6 hour Op but they keep pain meds up constantly, for the first week, & we got a script for more if needed when leaving hospital...we didnt need to take them but was a security blanket going to our Motel? What state are you guys in? What degrees is your daughter? We have not looked back since surgery, a huge...but right decision!! The lengthenings are every 6 months. Biggest risk is of infection...but bigger risk is to let it go and affect their lungs?? Em was 59 degrees when we had Surgery.
Try to stay calm as these decisions are in the Surgeons hands...they are Amazing!!!! I would send you a PM if I knew how??
Cheers Tracy
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