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Default Re: how is everyone?

Ladies I'm glad your kids are doing well and both back at school, we are not quite there yet, doctors don't want her to go back before the 6 week mark, which is in 3 weeks, and they want to work up to full days gradually, was it the same for you guys? Although she tires easily, she is quite mobile and only taking 5mg oxycontin at night and panadol during the day. I can imagine how uncomfortable those chairs at school are, maybe you should send a cushion in for the kids, a girl at my daughters school is still on cushions 18 months after her surgery. We visited the school today and she was able to catch up with friends and teachers, so that was a nice change for us both. We have real problems with sleeping patterns, poor thing can't sleep at night but is conking out early evening for a few hours any ideas on the best way to combat this? I'd love to hear more of your experiences when you have time. You have all been such an inspiration and very comforting in my times of need for moral support, I thank you again.
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