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Default Re: Private Scoliosis Specialist in Melbourne

Hi there,

In my humble opinion, only a specialist can tell you whether you have moderate to severe scoliosis, so I wouldn't panic just yet. My personal experience with our GP's (we have seen a few) is they know very little about scoliosis other than to recognise it and forward you onto a specialist.

Yes, you can see a private surgeon, but please don't cancel your clinic appointment as even with private health insurance there is a large gap to pay, your looking at $1,000's to go private.

If she's approaching the end of her growth spurt then that's a good thing as I suspect that that would slow the curvature down.

Go through the scoliosis Australia's list of specialist and make a few appointments.... mostly there is a few months wait anyway to get in to see some surgeons for your first appointment. 2 opinions are always good as it gives peace of mind that what your doing is correct, if anything else.

I would also demand to know why her appointments are being constantly cancelled and rescheduled?? I could understand possibly that happening for surgery cases... but just an appointment at the clinic is rather odd.

Good luck and keep us posted on the outcomes.

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