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Default Re: Looks like 2nd surgery for my 15 year old!

Thank you Dr S and Jen,

That makes interesting reading in regards to the patients who were fused both Anterior and Posterior and yet still had crankshaft occur.

A benign tumor on the spine? Wouldn't the multitude of x-rays that she's had/having - have shown that up?

Well yes - the red flag issue meaning the pain that she has with her back. We rely on Mysendol for the really bad days. Taking her to see a GP is 100% useless, because really what are they going to do for her besides prescribe pain killers, she is very anti against taking drugs.

Interesting Dr S that you should mention "muscle imbalance" - that makes perfect sense to me and am totally surprised that Scoli patients haven't had a specific program devised for them. I was surprised when there was no rehabilitation program recommended after Leash's first surgery. No physio, nothing. You would think after such a major surgery for anyone... after muscles are stretched out of place etc, that some sort of rehabilitation and strengthening program introduced later in the recovery stage.

We see our surgeon soon and I know we will be asked what we want to do! What we want to do is obtain a magic wand (ebay perhaps??) and wave it over her to make this all go away. I'm all for (yikes what am I saying) another surgery IF... make that a BIG IF.... it can cure her of her back pain. I know our surgeon won't be able to give us that assurance and even if he did I still wouldn't believe it, this was all supposed to be fixed and Leash getting on with her life after the first time around... the thought of going through all this again is not funny at all. Let alone the financial burden of finding ANOTHER $7,000 Gap fee to pay.

Now a tough choice is in front of her as she goes into year 11 next year. Do the surgery after the SC.... or put it off and bear the pain for 2 years while trying her best at the HSC?? Another year of no sport - after only finally just getting herself fit and back into netball.

I want a medal for my child!!! What this kid has had to bear is unfair but she takes it all in her stride.

Will post the outcome of our visit in a few weeks.

Cheers to all
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