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Hi Tracy,
Thanks for that information, you've raised an important issue that has also been on my mind. I am glad that other people are also worried about the effects of radiation from multiple XRays. Especially with young girls as they are maturing. It could be a risk to their fertility in the future.
My daughter had posterior fusion T4 to L3 6 months ago.
Every time that she has had to have an XRay I have asked the radiographer if she could wear a lead apron to protect her ovaries / uterus, but every time, they say that they cannot do that as it would block the view of the spine.
In actual fact, if you look at the anatomy, the ovaries and uterus actually sit quite low in the pelvis, such that, you could still use lead to cover them and then still get a good view of the spine right down to the sacrum. Maybe it is just an assumption that you can't get the full view of the spine if pelvic region is protected with lead apron, maybe there is no apron the right shape or size? At least they could test it out to see if a lead apron could be used and if you could still get a good view of the spine.
I think this is an issue that should be brought out a bit more, if the ovaries can be protected from multiple XRays, then we should be trying to do this if it is possible.
I think I'll send this message to Dr Scoliosis and see what he says.
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