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Default Re: Surgery Nerves - any help is appreciated!

As you are travelling to Brissy and being operated on Tuesday - sounds like we share the same surgeon? If so, you are in the best hands and the hospital he operates from will take good care of you (but their beds are not comfortable). Not sure if you will be discharged so soon, but as you are very young you may well be. Also depends if you are having anterior or posterior approach? I don't know of anyone who screamed in pain post op - you are too spaced out to really care. I reacted to one of the meds and was really sick but that was 4 days post op - had it not been for that, I would have had smooth sailing. I also had to travel interstate to Brissy and was scared of the long trip home in the car- it was fine so fear not. All the best to you and just know you are in good hands. Let us know when you are back in action! X Heather
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