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Default Surgery Nerves - any help is appreciated!

Hi everybody!

My name is Jade and I am 17 years old. I am due to have the scoliosis surgery on the 25/11/14 and I am so very nervous!

I think I am more nervous about what the recovery entails and I just want to have some degree of preparation. I am not too concerned about at home but more what is involved in my post-op hospital stay.

Can somebody give me a run-through and try to make me feel better!? I have heard the pain is unbearable and I am worried.

My hope is, that after surgery, my lung function will improve and I will no longer have to wear my scoliosis brace (I have worn it for 6 years). This is a positive side effect but I am just not too sure how bad it is going to be! I am aware pain is different for everybody but can you give me the daily routine etc? Are movies okay to bring down?
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