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Default Re: JJ (13yrs) surgery this Sat- Our journey begins

Glad you don't feel guilty because as Liz and I have said even gp's missed our kid's curves. We got no info in year 6/7 about scoliosis either and of course they don't do checks anymore which is ridiculous because they take such a small amount of time and could be done with immunisations.
Hope you have got some hints for are my tips.
- lots of girls get periods even if they are not due so be prepared
- it is not uncommon for the kids to faint when first walking and standing so look out for that
- the kids friends texting at the right time can make those long hard nights daughter's boyfriend was her saviour (and helped her through when I had run out of ways to distract her)
-try to keep super busy when the surgery is happening - the surgeon thought it was hilarious when I told him I was doing my school programming but it sure helped to pass the time.

Lastly, everyone on the forum will be thinking of you and your daughter as the people who post here are amazing and like family. Every time I posted on here just after surgery there were answers for any concerns I had and lots of love Nd support.
Big hugs to you and to Jaide
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